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   By: Dr. Jean Antoine Boodhoo

   2014-01-27 02:47 PM


I wish to welcome you to the CAMSpecialistsConnect website.  I am hoping that you will enjoy reading about the three levels of health prevention; in particular how to prevent yourself from developing diseases or ailments of one kind or another. 


I am hoping that through education we can create a healthier environment where we can all thrive and achieve our full potential.    


I believe that we can give everyone hope that they can make the difference to their health and wellness and protect themselves from diseases and disabilities. 


I am also hoping that you will send me your personal story of how you have overcome health adversities successfully, to share with others.


So, no matter where you live I am hoping that we can connect with you to help you make a difference to your world. 


Do not give up

Help is on the way

The future will be healthier

“We can do it”

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